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You can find hand picked presentations of selected topics on this page. All presentations on this page are not used for commercial purposes. I tried to mention all sources as good as possible. If I violated your right on citing you as the author of the artwork with a CC or other license, please let me know.

The slides are unfortunatley in german language. If you really like them, I would be happy to provide the english translation for your favorite presentation. One word of warning. You will find some fully packed slides. I like blending in slides step by step to explain things more clearly.

Software Architectures

I like the discussions about architectures because there is not the single best architecture. There are only the best architectures. Yes the cloud ist cool and yes microservices are awesome because they allow a high degree of flexibility and unseen scaling but they need also the brains and hands to make it work and to keep it runnig.


Python is an excellent progamming language. It will serve you as a very good tool. To open a new world for you: Please learn Python decorators. They are a good example of using a functional programming languge. Try to do decorators in Java and you will have a hard time.

Dependency Injection

It sounds complicated but its simple. The question is where to initiate the objects and where to stitch them together? The simple answer ist at the beginning. You can do that by yourself or use a framework to help you create objects and sew them together.

High Performance Computing

This is a nice topic too. If you don’t know it yet: You use a supercomputer for daily routines like communication, entertainment and as a pastime. Its your smartphone. Compared to slow supercomputers 22 years ago, your smartphone has more computation power. Yes its only 22 years ago, when you would have to pay hundred thousand dollars to compute “big” tasks.

Lambda Expressions

Its simply amazing how less is necessary to make the work of developers simpler. This slides show how lambda expressions are written in current different programming languages. Once understood, its tempting to do more with lambda expressions than necessary and healthy for other programmers. Feel free discover the syntax for a hand full of languages.

I have a brief presentation about making a phd but its in bad shape and if it gets better, I’ll upload it here.

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